Last reviewed and updated on August 1, 2020

At Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort, the well-being of our guests, our team, and the community is important to us. In these uncertain times, we want to let you know what we are doing to support our global fight against COVID-19.

Rest assured that we are closely following instructions from WHO. Here are the steps we are taking to make you feel comfortable and safe while you visit us:

1. Our team will greet you with a Thai “wai”, no hand touching.🙏

2. Our team has been instructed to wear masks 😷, wash their hands frequently, and avoid touching their faces.

3. Our team has watched videos on how to properly their wash hands. These videos are endorsed by WHO and Thai hospitals.

4. We have posted posters in our restrooms on how to properly wash hands (in English and Thai).

5. We provide hand sanitizer at our front desk. Please feel free to use it.

6. Our team is disinfecting our common areas throughout the day.

7. All restaurant food will be served at your private swim instead of the common restaurant area.

8. Our team will continue to disinfect our bungalows after each guest checks out.

9. Our swims are located much more than 1 meter apart, however you can still sit with your own party/group. 🐟

10. Any Greenfield team member who is sick will stay home.

Greenfield will stay updated with WHO’s guidelines and continue to do our part in this global effort. On behalf of the entire Greenfield family, thank you for your trust and loyalty. We look forward to welcoming you during your visit.


Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort