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Is transit included in the price?

Transit is not included in our price. But we are happy to help you arrange transportation to and from central Hua Hin, or central Bangkok, or Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Please contact us for pricing.

What is the best route to get there?

We recommend using Google Maps or this drawn map to find us. We are tucked in the valley, so please look for our signs along the way.

Can I have a discount?

We take pride in treating everyone fairly, so our prices and policies are the same for all customers. 

Can I use my own fishing tackle?

Safety is our top priority. We do allow you to use your own fishing tackle, but only after it has been assessed and approved by our Head Fishing Guide. In particular, it must be strong enough to handle our large fish:

  • Our Specimen Lake requires a minimum line of 80+ lbs.

  • Our Kingfisher Lake requires a minimum line of 25+ lbs.


All hooks must be barbless, and dead baits must use circle hooks. We do not allow free-lines.

Can I hire fishing tackle there?
  • Our Specimen Lake prices includes the hire of fishing tackle. There is no discount if you use your own tackle.

  • Our Kingfisher Lake has both spinning rods and fly rods to hire. The cost is 500 THB  per day. This includes a selection of lure/ flies.

What fishing regulations should I be aware of?

Where large fish are concerned, important regulations are necessary for the safety of the angler and the well-being of the fish. Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort regulations ensure that these goals are achieved.

When you come onsite, we will ask you to sign off on our fishing regulations, with emphasis on:

  • Using barbless hooks only.

  • Arapaimas need to be unhooked in the water.

  • Snakehead should be controlled using a Boga Grip before unhooking.

  • For our Predator tickets, floats and free line fishing are not allowed please.

Do you allow children to fish?

Safety is our top priority. Children are allowed to fish, subject to the care and control of the accompanying adult who is responsible for them at all times. For their safety, fishing children must obey the Head Fishing Guide while fishing. Small children may be required to stay in the non-fishing area, eg. the restaurant or reception area. 

Can I share my rod?

No rod sharing please.

Do you charge for non-fishing people?

There is no charge for non-charging people. Feel free to hangout and cheer on your fishing friend/partner! We also have a clubhouse with non-fishing activities to enjoy.

What are your fishing hours?

Our fishing hours are from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm everyday.

What are your restaurant hours?

Our restaurant hours are 9am - 7pm daily. We kindly ask for your last order before 8:00pm please.      If you're arriving early to fish, let us know and we can open early to serve you!

Can I fly fish at the Specimen Lake?

No, as the Specimen Lake is not set up for fly fishing. Instead please enjoy our Kingfisher Lake.

Can I use bait at the Kingfisher Lake?

No, as our Kingfisher Lake is dedicated to lure and fly fishing only.

Do you offer a half-day package?

At this time we do not offer a half-day package.

Can I night fish, if I'm staying the night?

Safety is our top priority. Therefore we do not allow fishing after fishing hours.

Can I book any of the lakes for a private event?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

Do you have anything else to do, other than fishing?

Yes, we have a clubhouse with non-fishing activities to enjoy.

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